Thursday, 28 July 2011

Ramadan is celebrated across Malaysia starting 1 August. For an entire month, Muslims will fast daily from dawn until sunset, with no food or drink allowed to be consumed following the predawn meal, sahur. However, after the sun sets and eating is once again allowed, it’s time for the feast to begin.
Ramadan bazaars sprout up like mushrooms all across town, selling all sorts of local delicacies. The most famous and largest is Jalan Satok in Kuching.
Amongst the huge crowd of people at these bazaars are mainly city folks and foreign visitors who also join in the celebration of tasting new recipes in a lively market. Whether you are buying something or not, the fun is just walking around these stalls and looking at their savoury fares. More often than not, the majority of visitors will come out carrying bags of goodies home! More importantly, this is also an opportunity for many lower income groups to earn extra cash for the coming Hari Raya celebrations as the stalls are mostly operated by these group of people

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